Porcelain Galaxy Set

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Size: 3 Pieces Set

3 Pieces Set
18 Pieces Set
24 Pieces Set
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This dinnerware set has an Eye-catching beautiful design with a unique look for each plate.

It is elegant yet simple, making it perfect for every day use or formal dinners such as holiday gathering and special occasions. Simply pair with your favorite cutlery and silverware and you are ready to dine!

The Sets Contain:

3 Pieces Set  18 Pieces Set 24 Pieces Set
10 cm Bowl 1 6 6
20 cm Plate 1 6 6
27 cm Plate 1 6 6
23 cm Pasta Plate - - 6


Made of high quality porcelain. Our different set sizes are there to serve 1 to 6 guests making it perfect for elegant dining with family and friends.

Each dish can be safely used in the microwave and the dishwasher for easy cleaning.

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3 Pieces Set, 18 Pieces Set, 24 Pieces Set


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