Marble Grinder

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Color: Large Black 15 cm

Large Black 15 cm
Large White 15 cm
Medium Black 10cm
Medium White 10cm
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  • A KITCHEN tool that can be used for years as THE way to crush, grind and powder herbs and dry spices. Contrary to an electric grinder or crusher, the age-old, durable, traditional manual grinding method ensures that all cooking ingredients bring out their full flavor and aroma profiles.
  • Marble grinders and pestle is heavy, sturdy and steady, helping it to stay in place on your counter without any shifting or sliding. grinding bowl big, extra deep sloped shape and rough matte texture keep ingredients in the center, so there’s no need to chase them around, making cooking a breeze!
  • Available in 2 sizes and 2 colors to match your kitchen and your cooking needs.

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Large Black 15 cm, Large White 15 cm, Medium Black 10cm, Medium White 10cm